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Dr Tom Nambis Ayurveda

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Dr. Tom Nambi B.A.M Rtd. Medical officer is the IVth generation doctor (Vaidyan) of Nambiaparambil vaidya family my ancestors, since 1870 served the people as vaidyas .

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    Dr. Tom Nambi has 43 years of clinical experience is continuing his service Now giving specialized treatment to

      • 1.SLIMMING can loose weight easily
        2.DIABETES II and its Complications
      • Can stop insulin, taking normal foods
      • Heart block-can normalize blood flow in coronary arteries without angioplasty and bypass surgery.
      • Blood pressure, Cholesterol
      • Sugar level fluctuation 50 to 450 in the same day.
      • Black colouration of foot skin, numbness and diabetic foot ulcers
      • Giddiness, body and joint pain
      • Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
      • 3. Rheumatoid arthritis A so+ve, RA +ve can get -ve by treatment
      • 4. Allergic asthma and Rhinitis
      • 5. Hair growth oil for Hair growth, Hair fall and dandruff

    Those require inpatient treatment will be given in our Nambiaparambil Ayurveda panchakarma Hospital situates in the same compound.


    Diabetes mellitus (DM), normally referred to as Diabetes, is a gathering of metabolic maladies where high glucose levels are present. There are 3 kinds of Diabetes, Type1 DM, Type2 DM and Gestational diabetes. If left untreated, diabetes can prompt numerous medical problems. At Nambiaparambil Hospital, we have initiated the "Diabetic Reversal Program" following a thorough research. This project empowers 50% of the diabetic patients to live without medications, and the remaining to live with a vastly reduced amount of prescriptions. We guarantee that our patients will be able to live a sound and healthy life through our system. The patients who utilize insulin can "STOP lNSULIN" within a brief timeframe. Diabetic patients with foot ulcer can also be cured without amputation.



    Rheumatoid, a term related to Rheumatism, is a never ending grouping of sicknesses wherein the predominant one is Rheumatoid Arthritis. RA is an unremitting provocative problem affecting a big part of the joints, including those of legs and hands. We have developed an efficient treatment methodology to give effective treatment to Gouty Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lumbar Disk Prolapse, Back Pain, Lumbar Disk Bulge, Shoulder, Cervical, Heel and Knee Pain within a short period of time. The elevated level of RA and ESR element in patients becomes normal within a short time span through our treatment technique in Rheumatoid Arthritis. Similarly within a short span of time, the elevated Uric Acid in Gouty Arthritis will become normal. Nambiparambil Ayurvedic Hospital is one among the best Ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala.




    Weight is a condition due to the intemperate accumulation of fat in the body. Individuals are by and large thought to be stout when their Body Mass Index (BMI) is more than 30. Individuals who are hefty are prone to serious dangers of creating cardiovascular sicknesses, asthma, and diabetes. At Nambiaprarmbil Ayurveda Panchakarma Hospital, patients can shed their abundant weight as required by their will without any stressful technique.

    Through Dr Tom Nambis Ayurveda program we help you to recapture and reestablish your wellbeing utilizing the best Ayurvedic treatment masterminded in our healing center.



    Diabetic patients can lead a normal life when they are free from medications and can also live without many restrictions.

    Half of the diabetic patients who utilize insulin prescriptions can completely stop the meds and lead an ordinary life and the remaining half can carry on an ordinary life using little doses of medication.

    Diabetes Reversal Program is a strategy to lessen the level of diabetes, cholesterol, and circulatory strain in people, to bring them back to their conventional life. It is possible to thoroughly stop the usage of insulin and lead a normal existence with the help and treatment given at Nambiaparambil Ayurveda Hospital.

    Patients who are discharged after their treatment from Nambiamparambil Ayurveda Hospital should continue with the treatment from their home as advised by the Doctor.

    Patients who were using insulin should sit tight for a long time till their body starts producing insulin on a normal basis. Patients who take after the expert's rules whole heartedly can recover from Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Heart Block, Obesity, Psoriasis, Asthma, and Arthritis.

    Blood Glucose Chart

    Fasting ( Mg/DL) PPBS (Mg/DL) HBA1C

    80-100 120-140 <6.5 %

    101-125 140-160 >=6.5-7%

    126+ Above 160 >=7%


    BMI RangeCategory
    Less than 16Severely underweight
    From 16 to 18.5:Underweight
    From 18.5 to 25Normal (healthy weight)
    From 25 to 30Overweight
    From 30 to 35Obese Class I (Moderately obese)
    From 35 to 40:Obese Class II (Severely obese)
    Over 40Obese Class III (Very severely obese)
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